1M Hawks Strategy

Introduction: Many traders have asked for a video tutorial on the One Minute Hawk strategy for trading gold. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through the entire strategy, from where to enter and exit trades, and explain why the Hawk strategy is particularly beneficial for those struggling with overtrading and finding good entry points.

Step 1: Chart Setup:

  • Open the gold chart on your preferred trading platform. The tutorial uses the chart from OANDA, but you can use any platform.

  • Access the Million Moves Algo indicator. If you don't have it yet, you can become a member to access it along with other indicators and support groups.

Step 2: Hawk Strategy Setup:

  • Within the Million Moves Algo settings, select the "One Minute Hawk Strategy" and enable it.

Step 3: Avoid High-Impact News:

  • Before applying the Hawk strategy, make sure to avoid trading during days with high-impact news that could affect the market.

  • Visit forexfactory.com and filter for high-impact news related to the US dollar, as gold is influenced by the USD.

  • Only proceed with the strategy on days with no high-impact news affecting the market.

Step 4: Strategy Start and White Box:

  • Identify the day without high-impact news and locate the starting point of the Hawk strategy on the gold chart.

  • Wait until everything inside the "white box" finishes before making any trades.

Step 5: Sell Signal Entry:

  • Focus on sell signals for this strategy.

  • Look for the first candle closure inside the white box that is on or below the line.

  • This candle is your entry signal.

  • Enter a short position on the next candle's open.

Step 6: Setting Stop Loss and Take Profit:

  • Set your stop loss at the blue line (17 pips minimum) or use your discretion.

  • Maintain a risk-reward ratio of 1:2.

Step 7: Exit Strategy:

  • Monitor the trade and exit when the price reaches the blue line or take profit at the designated ratio.

Step 8: Following Days:

  • Check for days without high-impact news to continue applying the Hawk strategy.

Step 9: Long Positions:

  • If a long signal appears after a sell signal, consider taking long positions.

  • Follow the same process but wait for a long signal.

Step 10: Strategy Benefits:

  • The Hawk strategy offers fewer trades (around 7-8 per month) but can yield 6-8% returns.

  • It addresses overtrading tendencies and provides strict rules for entering trades.

  • Stick to the provided rules and refer to them in the description for further clarification.

  • You can also reach out for support in the Telegram and Discord groups.

Conclusion: The One Minute Hawk strategy for trading gold is a powerful tool to overcome overtrading and improve your entry points. By following the provided steps and adhering to the strategy's rules, you can potentially achieve consistent profits while keeping your trading disciplined and focused.

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