Range Maniac 30m/1m Strategy

I highly recommend the 30-minute/1-minute strategy, especially for Nasdaq, US30, and Stocks, which can be quite choppy and unpredictable when following it with pure signals - but it also works with forex.

Here is an entry example for Nasdaq100:

This method follows the trend. On the left, the 30-minute timeframe, we wait for a strong colored circle. In this case, a red strong circle indicates a strong bearish trend.

On the right side, we are on the 1-Minute chart, mirroring the same time as on the left chart.

If we are bearish on the higher timeframe, we wait for an upward movement on the 1-minute chart (pullback). Generally, you can look for short entries when we touch the upper Range Maniac chart, but for added safety, we wait for the Reversal marker to appear. Then, a Sell signal and the candle color to be red for extra safety.

Here is a video tutorial:

Settings for split-screen on Tradingview

Settings 30-Minute timeframe on the left

Settings 1-Minute timeframe on the right

Both Charts are on normal candles (not heikin-ashi).

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