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See what you get with a Million Moves membership

When it comes to deciding whether the membership version is the way to go, things can get a little overwhelming. To make it easier, we've crafted a feature overview to give you a clearer understanding of what is included in a membership.

From Basics to Brilliance: Million Moves Algo is a power-packed Pro indicator with a lot of customization options.

FeaturesMillion Moves Membership

Million Moves Algo

Million Moves - Range Maniac

Million Moves - Smart Money Pro

Million Moves - Oscillators Pro

Create 16 Different Alert Types

Sensitivity Setting

Normal Buy/Sell Signals

Smart Signals

Smart+ Signals

Chaos Trend Line

Moving Average

Trend Ribbon

Trend Cloud

Order Blocks (Smartmoney)

Candle Stick Colors

Show Overbought/Oversold

Show Channel Breakout

Turn Signals Off

Trend Dashboard

Auto Entry, Stop-Loss, Take-Profit Lines

1M Hawks Strategy

Custom Styling options

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