Candlestick Colors

Enhance Your Trading Experience with Advanced Candlestick Coloring

In the trading world, red usually means a bearish candle, and green indicates a bullish one. However, we offer you three unique options to make your candlesticks even more useful:

Customize Your Candlesticks with 3 Modes:

CleanScalper Mode

Mirrors the candle colors of our "CleanScalper" indicator with the settings 8/20/60. During trends, candles turn vibrant green or red. In sideways markets, candles become purple, indicating less movement.

  • Purple = No entry zone, uncertain, no trend

  • Green = Bullish / Long

  • Red = Bearish / Short

Trend Ribbon Mode

Opt for simplicity with colors from our trend ribbon. It's perfect if you want a clean chart without too many lines. Green is bullish and red is bearish.

Moving Average Mode

Candles above the moving average turn green for possible uptrends, while those below become red, suggesting potential downtrends.

How to get more colorful Candlestick colors

  1. Go to your Chart settings

  2. Click on Symbol

  3. Uncheck borders

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