Does the Million Moves Algo repaint?

When it comes to buy and sell indicators, the concept of "repainting" is crucial to grasp. A repainting indicator is like a moving target—it changes its past signals based on new data. This renders it unreliable and potentially useless for trading decisions.

Our Million Moves Algo takes a different approach. It's designed to be non-repainting, meaning that once a signal is generated and the candle is closed, it remains fixed and won't change over time. This stability ensures that the signals you see are accurate and trustworthy for your trading strategies.

It's crucial to remember that you should wait for the signal candle to fully close. This is because during the time the signal candle is forming, the Algo is busy processing all the relevant data to provide an accurate signal outcome. Once the signal candle is closed, the signal is finalized and will remain on your chart without disappearing or altering.

In summary, while some indicators may repaint their signals, Million Moves Algo stands firm in delivering consistent and reliable signals that hold their integrity.

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