Show Overbought/Oversold

Overbought and oversold conditions are like signals that show when the market might be acting too extreme.

Our indicator has a "Show Overbought/Oversold" feature. When it's overbought, the background stripe turns green, and when it's oversold, it becomes red. The darker the color, the more extreme the market is.


This happens when prices go up a lot, and it might mean the buyers are tired. It's like a warning that the price might come down.


On the other hand, oversold means prices went down too much, and sellers might be getting too active. It's a sign that the price could go up again.

Why It's Good:

  1. Smart Choices πŸ€“: Knowing when it's overbought or oversold helps you make smart trading decisions. You can guess when the market might change direction.

  2. Extra Help πŸš€: The "Show Overbought/Oversold" feature confirms your strategy, making your analysis even better.

  3. Less Risky πŸ›‘οΈ: Recognizing these extreme points helps you avoid risky trades when the market goes too far.

  4. Possible Reversals ↩️: Sometimes when it's overbought or oversold, the market might turn around. Our indicator helps you spot these possible changes early.

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